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Abstract=An exposé on the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, who helped finance the conservative political advocacy group Americans for Prosperity; 7,4 of 10 star; Robert Greenwald; 336 votes; cast=Fred C. Koch



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I'm familiar with Greenwald's work and this is the second "documentary" of his I've seen. While it's been some time since I viewed, Wal-Mart, The High Cost of Low Prices" this investigation of the elusive Koch brothers has little balance in presentation. Regardless of whatever the Kochs are accused of, there is no side of their argument presented whatsoever. Barring this, there is little historical evidence to base the Koch's alleged political motivations. What is presented, and clearly there's evidence there, is done so snarky that it is embarrassing. Hiring a voice actor to portray a Koch gives the film its sole comedic moment, but this hardly serves us and puts pressure on Scott Walker, not the Kochs. All we have to go on is the motivations of father Fred Koch, who in turn informs the brothers' industrial / political adventures, and even this evidence has an air of hearsay. Little is said of and by lesser-known and assumed estranged brother William, who could have shed much more light on his brothers' activities. Despite the obvious rift between the brothers as documented in the film, this Koch brother seems to have aspirations not far removed from his more noteworthy siblings. Attempts to get the Kochs themselves to defend themselves before the camera comes off as a dumb stunt relegated to the end credits.
Therefore, if you prefer one-sided character assassinations, go for this one. Me, I prefer a balanced approach that rewards the viewer with a richer understanding of whatever the subject is and how it seems to influence our lives. With much of the content existing in. Exposed" intact and more of the Koch's side of the equation delved into we'd get a far more satisfying, true documentary. This video screams "shockumentary" that poisons the art and form of documentary filmmaking.
Pros: Short'n'Sweet; preaches to the choir, if you like this sort of thing; an investigation into the Kochs is warranted, but;
Cons: this ain't it. One-sided echo chamber it accuses the Koch machine of; asks us to follow the money - examples? Not enough historical reference or insiders to give us a fuller understanding of Koch motivations; too short and far incomplete
Net: Unconvincing argument to accuse the Kochs of being active democratic subversives
Disclaimer: Not a Koch follower or supporter, I simply wished to know about these guys, wanted a documentary and got a butter sandwich instead. There's plenty of Koch-type characters to go around today, who are they, what makes them tick.

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Koch Brothers exposehome. Koch Brothers exposée. Koch brother exposed. Koch brothers exposed wiki. Koch brothers exposed legendado. Critics Consensus No consensus yet. Tomatometer Not Yet Available TOMATOMETER Total Count: N/A Coming soon Release date: May 8, 2012 Audience Score Ratings: Not yet available Koch Brothers Exposed Ratings & Reviews Explanation Koch Brothers Exposed Photos Movie Info Koch Brothers Exposed shines a light on wrong-doing, political lobbying and money-fueled influence in America. Rating: NR Genre: Directed By: In Theaters: May 8, 2012 limited On Disc/Streaming: Aug 10, 2014 Runtime: 52 minutes Studio: Brave New Films Cast Critic Reviews for Koch Brothers Exposed There are no critic reviews yet for Koch Brothers Exposed. Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! Audience Reviews for Koch Brothers Exposed Koch Brothers Exposed Quotes Movie & TV guides.

Koch brothers exposed documentary. Koch brothers exposed on dvd. The Koch brothers are the poster boys for the top 1%. Their money and power fuel the growing inequality in America. They're among the most powerful, they're knocking down the working and the middle class and they're stomping on the poor people. The Koch family has been defining the lives of the ordinary, working Americans, under the radar, for more than 50 years. They inherited their wealth and their penchant for secrecy from their father Fred, who made his fortune in the oil business in the Soviet Union of the 1930's. Stalin himself brought Fred Koch into the Soviet Union for building pipelines and teaching them how to be oil engineers. Fred came back to the United States after taking money from the Soviets and used that money to start his own oil empire in the US, amassing some 200 million dollars. With his wealth and power he began to wage a systematic attack on the American values, including funding the John Birch Society. It's a far right, racist organization that sells communist conspiracies everywhere. They even accused President Dwight Eisenhower of being a Soviet spy. Fred Koch was against the civil rights movement, saying that it is communist threat and that the white children should not go to school with black children, because that would lead to mongrelization of the races. This is the climate that the two brothers, Charles and David, grew up in at home and then they inherited a big pile of money from daddy Fred, and then they put that into their own organization and they built it up to where it's now - a 100-billion-a-year enterprise. Koch industries is the second largest privately held corporation in the country. They have holdings that range from oil and gas, to paper products, forestry, consumer goods, plastics and ranching. They have operations in 45 states. The most important thing is not that they have wealth, it's that they're using their wealth to ride roughshod over the American people. More great documentaries 84 Comments / User Reviews.

Koch brothers exposed lies. A documentary and a position piece, editorial or essay are very different. And at best this might be one of those latter 3 but doesn't approach being a documentary. Documentaries are supposed to be like news (not todays news but the hypothetical version taught in journalism schools) neutral in tone, with no intended outcome or reaction from its audience and uncolored presentation of verified facts and evidence. It may have a message or idea to offer but it cant be jammed down the viewers throat but realized or refuted by themselves. I didn't go to J school but I think even position pieces and essays are supposed to have supporting evidence or something showing some reason for their opinion, by that standard Im not even sure this qualifies as that. A more apt title mighta been The Koch Brothers slandered or libeled, I always forget which is written and which spoken, and drenched in innuendo, whatever the reality or anyones opinions of these men this film offers no credible evidence or even semi plausible conjecture on the subject.

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4.3/ 5stars