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Brief Sick is a movie starring Christina Aceto, Richard Roy Sutton, and Robert Nolan. Two years into the outbreak, the remaining people struggle day to day for survival. With the infected more active at night, three people seek shelter in. genres Sci-Fi. Cast Christina Aceto. Release Date 2012. ratings 3,3 / 10 Stars

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A zombie film, not a high budget one, I can see a lot of effort went into it for a low budget one, the actors did their best acting. The story was OK, it followed the same stuff which is in all the zombie films. Is it a classic, no. If your into zombie low budget films you may want to watch it. The zombies make up is good and their movements are credible. The main actors were not high end actors like walking dead ones. The cinematography is good, no dodgy camera work, scenery was good, good locations. My last words would be this film would mostly appeal to a zombie fanatic who has watched all the other zombie flicks and just has to watch another one because this genre is his thing. I think if the film could have increased its standards by one third it would've been a decent film and I would have scored it higher, ie. acting a third better, story a third better and it would be getting much higher reviews, good luck to the maker of the film, and hey you have a knack with the whole thing but if the next one just went to being a third better I think you would've pulled of a low fi cult of this genre, but needs fine tuning.

YouTube. The film is low budget and, for the most, part that aspect is used well- the Romero Night of the Living Dead type of zombie, locations sparse and simple blending well with the survivalist tone of the story. The action is simple, and they're not breaking new ground or taking the genre in a new direction.
The acting is rather bad, some of the scenes meant to be emotional or characters reflecting back on the trauma they've endured, forced and uncomfortable. If you're a big zombie movie fan, this is a white noise time killer. 0 Rating (0) Loading... Sick: Survive the Night (2012) Two years into the outbreak, SICK roam the land and the remaining survivors struggle day-to-day trying to rebuild civilization. With the SICK more active at night time, three people need to seek shelter in an empty home. Duration: 95 min Release: 2012 IMDb: 2. 9 You May Also Like HD Greta (2018) A young woman returns an elderly widow’s lost purse, leading to an unlikely relationship between the two — until the young woman discovers her elder might not be all that… Under the Bed (2012) Two brothers team up to battle a creature under the bed, in what is being described as a “suburban nightmare” tale. Country:  USA Split Second (1992) In a futuristic London, the rising sea levels mean that large areas are under feet of water. Hauer plays a cop who previously lost his partner to some strange creature…. Country:  UK,  USA Underground (2011) A group of friends fight for their lives against the lethal and ravenous creatures lurking beneath the Earth’s surface. The group finds themselves at the mercy of creatures genetically engineered… BR Kill Command (2016) Set in a near future, technology-reliant society that pits man against killing machines. Against this backdrop an elite army unit is helicoptered to a remote, off-the-grid island training facility. What… Country:  UK The Mummy Rebirth (2019) Two treasure hunters uncover a sealed tomb and awaken a mummy that has waited years to come back and wipe humanity from the face of the Earth. It’s a race… HDCAM Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween (2018) Two boys face an onslaught from witches, monsters, ghouls and a talking dummy after they discover a mysterious book by author R. L. Stine. WEB Meathook Massacre II (2017) 10 years after the events of the original film, a rash of new meathook-murders makes Dan suspect this may be the same Killer responsible for the death of his twin… 12 Deaths of Christmas (2017) Based on the myth of Frau Perchta, a witch that comes on the 12 days of Christmas taking children each night. Fear and Desire (2019) A woman awakens in a remote location to news that the world as she knows it has ended. As she adjusts to her new reality, events unfold and details emerge… The Follower (2017) Young Youtuber David Baker is invited by Carol, a lonely woman, to investigate supernatural occurrences in her home. But it takes a turn as he slowly uncovers that things aren’t… Prankz (2017) A soccer player and his girlfriend spent 2017 uploading prank videos to the internet. This film features the final six videos created by the couple. Country:  UK.


2012 Action / Horror / Sci-Fi Watch sick survive the night 2012 YTS YIFY HD online free no account or registration! Synopsis Two years after the infection began, billions have died, Governments have collapsed and the human race is on the brink of extinction. Dr. Leigh Rozetta is a young, maverick scientist, who's been living in a secret underground Government facility since the outbreak began. After constant failed attempts to find a cure, Leigh sneaks away to return to her parent's house. On her way, she crosses paths with Seph and Mckay, two militant survivalists who only just barely escaped an attack from a group of infected. With nightfall close at hand, the three of them know they need to seek shelter, as the SICK are more active in the dark. Boarding themselves up in Leigh's parent's house, the plan is simple, survive the night. But with the SICK surrounding the house and their own tensions through the roof. They'll be lucky if anyone makes it out alive. Parental Guide Uploaded By: OTTO January 29, 2015 at 11:20 AM Tech specs Movie Reviews Reviewed by 7 / 10 I enjoyed it. This is my second IMDb review. It's also the second "zombie" movie that I've felt i should say has been under rated in its reviews. Overall, it was an entertaining movie. Yes, it was low budget, and over/under acted at points in the movie. But... If you are a true zombie genre lover, it is one of the better low budget movies I've seen in awhile. It did not try to over compensate with a huge amount of gore or cheesy CGI. It relied on the location and the actors to set the tone and drama. It could have used a little more back story on some of the characters to round out the plot, but overall a good movie. If you like Romero's first Night of the Living Dead, then, check this one out. Reviewed by dymentintherough 8 / 10 Low budget - hard core zombie fanatics only Loved the different take on a huge craze! The acting was excellent, they got some very talented people to be in this movie! Don't watch it if you're looking for a lot of action and gore though, it's mostly psychological, a view of life a couple years into a worldwide epidemic. Has some really great plot twists and some interesting characters, even though most of them are very short lived. I would have liked to have seen some plot points elaborated, for example, they mention that there are 'safe zones', and I wondered how that is possible. What made them safe zones? How were they kept safe? Liked that the protagonists were called 'Vultures'. Seemed pretty appropriate, and it was nice to see another set of people with a nickname the way the zombies are called everything except 'zombies' in most films from this genre these days. All in all an excellent independent film, I highly recommend giving it a watch! Reviewed by ASouthernHorrorFan 3 / 10 My Review Of "Sick: Survive The Night" The story is a somber, monotone one that relies on a lot of dialog. Most of the story is about the human experience and toll the zombie apocalypse has on one psychologically as we battle for a "cure". It is reminiscent of Romero's "Day Of The Dead" in pace and stripped down style. The acting is mediocre, with a lot of the characters feeling contrived. It is a clunky drama that does more peacocking of personalities than the material, or cast can actually account for. There are moments when the story almost becomes thrilling, and a few of the cast really get into their character. It is just not enough to save "Sick: Survive The Night" from being a bit dull. The special effects, for the most part, keep within practical-low budget grade effects that work. I preferred the stripped down zombies that go back to the beginning of this genre. The creature effects are cool enough, however the zombies don't dominate the film with enough force or energy to really kick "Sick: Survive The Night" into thrilling gear. The soundtrack and sound effects are decent enough to give the film atmosphere, some moments do feel creepy and chilling, it just never seems consistent through the whole film. Overall, I found myself wondering why? What was the story that this film was wanting to tell? Most of the components are redundant aspects found in zombie horror. I did appreciate the added mix of these scavenger crews roaming around raping and pillaging. However the story doesn't give enough time for that element to really take off. Most interesting things take place in flashbacks while the main meat of the tale is left to melodrama and mild zombie attacks. "Sick: Survive The Night" isn't a film that you will kick yourself if you miss it. Mostly it is just a boring movie where people talk too much. Read more IMDb reviews.

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Fmovies where watch Sick: Survive the Night
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Fmovies where watch Sick: Survive the Night